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Skin cancer removal and treatment in Dubai, UAE

More and more people are concerned about skin cancer and it is true that the occurrence of these lesions is on the rise. If you are concerned about suspicious moles on your body, Frank Conroy can help you. As a fully trained and accredited plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Frank is able to remove all types of skin cancers and benign lesions. These procedures are carried out at the American Hospital in Dubai, UAE.

Types of skin cancers

Skin cancer falls into one of two categories – melanoma and non-melanoma. Types of non-melanoma skin cancers include Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. These are quite common, usually appearing in the head and neck region and can be readily treated. Melanoma is a far more serious condition and should be treated by Dr Conroy without delay.

Removal of skin cancers

All types of skin cancer may be treated in a very safe and straightforward manner by precise surgical excision. Reconstruction of the surrounding area using skin grafts or a local flap is an option where necessary. 

Skin cancer screenings

Regular skin cancer screenings are an essential part of your health care routine. If your concerns are not adequately addressed by your general practitioner, Frank Conroy is able to assess any worrisome lesions and carry out a biopsy if appropriate. In more complex cases Dr Conroy may consult with a specialist dermatologist.
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