Say goodbye to lumps, bumps and scars

Effective treatments for benign skin lesions in Dubai, UAE

Although not medically problematic, many people would naturally prefer to be free of benign skin lesions and scars. With his thoughtful approach and vast experience in a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures, Dr Frank Conroy is in a good position to advise if surgical intervention is the right answer for you. Consulting privately at the American Hospital in Dubai, Frank offers extremely safe and effective removal of lumps and bumps as well as scar revision surgery.

Removal of lumps and bumps

In many cases the removal of benign skin lesions will not be covered by the NHS. In these scenarios, Dr Frank Conroy is able to perform surgical excisions as a day case under local anaesthesia. Many patients have successfully resolved lipomas, sebaceous cysts and benign moles rapidly under his care.

Scar revision surgery

Scars might be simply an aesthetic concern or they may even be a painful reminder of a traumatic event. Dr Frank Conroy invites you to discuss with him whether scar revision surgery would be an appropriate solution. Depending on the nature of the scar, non surgical or surgical techniques are options to improve the appearance of scar tissue.

Skin cancer screenings

Regular skin cancer screenings are an essential part of your health care routine. If your concerns are not adequately addressed by your general practitioner, Dr Frank Conroy is able to assess any worrisome lesions and carry out a biopsy if appropriate. In more complex cases Dr Frank Conroy may consult with a specialist dermatologist.
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