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Our hands perform countless tasks every day, so it is little wonder that problems will arise over time. Fortunately, relief from a number of common hand conditions is not far away. Dr Frank Conroy is a highly experienced, fully accredited and well-respected hand surgery practitioner.

Dupuytren’s disease

Dupuytren’s disease is quite common in the hands and is characterised by a finger that starts to bend towards the palm over time. This condition can really hinder the day to day activities of the sufferer. Depending on how advanced the disease, you may be recommended either collagenase injections or surgical removal of the affected tissue.

Nerve entrapments

One of the most frequently diagnosed nerve entrapments in the hand region is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which refers to when the median nerve is compressed in the wrist. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is where the ulnar nerve is compressed in the elbow area. Surgical decompression of the nerve using either local or general anaesthesia may be performed.

Ganglion excision

A ganglion is a benign mucous filled cyst that typically forms near joints on the finger or wrist. It is possible to surgically remove ganglions under local or general anaesthesia.

Arthritis relief

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are commonly associated with pain, swelling and stiffness in the hands or wrist. Joint replacement surgery can be carried out where appropriate, which generally results in greatly reduced pain and enhanced motor function.
Lovely team led by Dr Frank Conroy who was very supportive and answered all questions in a simple & straightforward manner. They wanted the procedure to fit around me and gave a 14 day cooling off period after initial consultation. 
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